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Garlic as a home remedy / treatment for hair loss and baldness

Garlic, as well as being good for our body, can be really good for our scalp and hair.

Garlic can stimulate the flow of blood to the scalp, thereby nourishing the hair, and thus encouraging hair to grow and strengthen, rather than falling out, breaking off, and leaving us bald or balding.

Garlic can also help remove any harmful toxins, which is an important consideration in caring for the growth of our hair and in helping to prevent hair loss.

Garlic is also good at adding body to hair, as well as giving hair a nice gloss, both of which help to couteract the appearance of balding and hair loss, by giving the illusion of a fuller head of healthy hair.

If you have dry hair or maybe an itchy scalp, a garlic extract  type of shampoo will  give you relief from many of those nasty symptoms, which is a nice bonus to this garlic hair loss and balding remedy.
So how do you use garlic in the battle against hair loss and baldness?

Try this:

60 minutes before you go to sleep, crush up a garlic clove and then rub the clove into the area of hair loss. It is important that the juice of the clove is smeared over the area fully and firmly.

Do NOT rub the the crushed clove too hard against the scalp, or you may cause traction alopecia - baldness caused by pulling on hair.

Leave for 60 minutes and then apply olive oil, gently rubbing the olive oil into the scalp.

For sleeping, you will need to wear a shower cap or something similar.

When you awake the next day, the first thing you should do is shampoo your hair.

(Adding a garlic extract to shampoo can also help to further strengthen hair and stop any breakage, while, at the same time, it can add good body to the hair and a nice gloss).

This hair loss and baldness remedy will work best if you can do this for a few weeks.

Hopefully, the hair will no longer be falling out and may start to re-grow.

The onion as an anti-bald, anti-hair loss treatment

The onion is blessed with healing qualities.

Onions are also antibacterial, can be used for cleansing, improving circulation, and have the power of nourishment, all of which can be good for helping to heal baldness and hair loss - Characteristics similar to garlic's, which are beneficial in correcting hair loss and baldness.

More specifically:

Onions contain a quantity of important nutrients, like vitamins C and vitamin B6. Onions also contain calcium and magnesium, along with  potassium and germanium. The onion is also high in sulphur, which is a mineral contained in every single cell in the human body.

Sulphur has its highest levels in the hair, the skin and in the nails, which is why it is known as the "beauty mineral".

Big levels of sulphur in our onions will make them really useful in regenerating the hair follicles on our scalps and promoting the regrowth of hair and hence reduction in baldness and hair thinning as it is providing the hair with an extra amount of sulfur, that can be absorbed into the scalp and hence help the hair follicles in growing hair.

As well, natural sulphur, as found in onions, has been proven to have greater hair-restoring properties than mined sulfur. Don't know why, it's one of those odd findings one comes across from time to time.

These qualities of onions also back up the theory that onions can boost hair growth in some of us with nutrient deficiencies. Obviously, if we provide nourishment to the scalp directly, as by applying onions, we help to stop and reverse hair loss and balding caused by DHT or bad diet, and maybe improve the strength of the hair growth as well.

Onion is also known for it's healing powers because it promotes the circulation, thereby getting more nourishment to the hair growing areas of the scalp via the blood stream, thus helping to prevent hair loss and baldness by providing the hair follicles with more nutrients to grow the hair with.

Onions can also decrease inflammation - decrease redness and swelling - which is an extra bonus if you suffer from that on your scalp.
For a hair loss and balding remedy using any onion

Try this:

Squeeze the juice out of one medium to large uncooked onion.

Apply the onion juice to the top of the scalp and massage deep into the hair roots - but again, do gently, so as not to cause traction alopecia.

You will need to leave it onto the top of the scalp for around 30 minutes and then shampoo.

By doing this onion hair loss and balding treatment everyday, you may find a great transformation of the hair on your head in several months.

Onion juice rejuvenates hair follicles and boosts the scalp circulation, so it should likely help the re-growth of strong hair.